'variations on a theme' variations on a theme
'pattern study' pattern study
'irreality' irreality
'irregular atmospheric motion' irregular atmospheric motion
'ephemeral' fluid variations
'bordun chorus' bordun chorus
'fluid variations' fluid variations
'harmonic environment' harmonic environment
'temporality' temporality
'green meadow' green meadow
'multitudinous entity' multitudinous entity
'which is
without being'
which is without being
'primordial' primordial
'clouds rising
from the mist
of time'
clouds rising from the mist of time
'iridescent self' iridescent self
'shifting view' shifting view
'toxic waste' toxic waste
'burning butterflies' burning butterflies
'lament' lament
'exercise in visual notation' exercise in visual notation
'screen test #2' screen test #2
'nothing' nothing
'silent cry' silent cry
'suppressed anger'   suppressed angerger
'out of reach'   out of reach

shifting view

3.43 min loop
aspect ratio 16:9
sound and video installation


The audio visual work ‘shifting view’ is focusing in its foundation on the relation of two basic building blocks of acoustic and visual language, the straight line and the harmonic series.

As an artistic notion, the straight line is the most simplistic tool of expression, and reflects on ideas as fundamental as the horizon, and the concept of infinity. As a mathematical principle, the harmonic series is infinite, and its structure provides the foundation for tonality, harmony and timbre in music.

‘shifting view’ installation photo from Nexus

Both of these elements share initial controlled simplicity in its form, which in the course of creating this work gets systematically broken and fragmented, in order to open up the original strict mathematical geometry, and introduce naturalness, imperfection and asymmetry. This is done by applying a variety of theoretical and mechanical processes, with restraint indeterminacy at its core, to the original model of perfection, and thereby evoking a symbiosis of natural process and human conception, revealing a truer and more beautiful view of live.



Installation at ‘Nexus', 2010 (122 x 82.5 cm frame with flat screen television) Phoenix Gallery, Exeter, UK

‘shifting view’ installation photo from Nexus