projects | collaborations
'irregular atmospheric motion' irregular atmospheric motion
'ephemeral' fluid variations
'bordun chorus' bordun chorus
'fluid variations' fluid variations
'harmonic environment' harmonic environment
'temporality' temporality
'green meadow' green meadow
'multitudinous entity' multitudinous entity
'which is
without being'
which is without being
'primordial' primordial
'clouds rising
from the mist
of time'
clouds rising from the mist of time
'iridescent self' iridescent self
'shifting view' shifting view
'toxic waste' toxic waste
'burning butterflies' burning butterflies
'lament' lament
'exercise in visual notation' exercise in visual notation
'screen test #2' screen test #2
'nothing' nothing
'silent cry' silent cry
'suppressed anger'   suppressed angerger
'out of reach'   out of reach


Tickbird and Rhino - People working together in co-ordinated co-operation doing what we all do best and changing the way things are done.

The London Group - democratic artists’ collective practicing in all disciplines, from painting and sculpture to moving image, digital and performance

RESTERECORD - Record Label based in London focused on contemporary music & sound art.

Newtoy - News | Action, Radio Show, Events, Jukebox, Sound and Video Work

Exploding Cinema - a coalition of film/video makers committed to developing new modes of exhibition for underground media

Surface Arts - a connective organisation that builds relationships between individuals to produce residencies and other innovative projects with a view to facilitate on-going exchanges