The London Group presents:

The London Group at Bankside

The London Group at Bankside is one our most ambitious exhibitions to date and promises to be a highlight in our eventful 109 year history.

For more information visit The London Group

24 November - 4 December 2022
Open daily, 11am - 6pm

Bankside Gallery
Thames Riverside
48 Hopton Street
London SE1 9JH

The London Group at Bankside

Saturation Point presents:

Sandra Crisp, Jockel Liess & Susan Eyre

3 artists with unique approaches to film incorporating the study of form, surface and location.

For more information visit Saturation Point

Saturation Point
ACME Studios, Deptford SE8 5JR
Fri 11 & Sat 12 Nov
Open: 5.30 – 9pm


Sandra Crisp: E_Life uses 3D generated animation to present a digital environment populated with intensely textured and dynamic geometry.

Jockel Liess: Variations on a theme is a generative audiovisual system which starts from a point of fascination with the aesthetics of irregular organic patterns.

Susan Eyre: Aóratos transports the viewer between everyday locations and terrains visually transformed via the use of an endoscope, a microscope, and cameras launched in a high-altitude balloon.

The London Group presents:


The London Group and Invited Artists at St John's Churchyard & Morley Gallery 3rd – 30th July 2022

Work in the newly refurbished Morley Gallery will include a diverse range of media including painting; drawing; mixed media; photography on lightbox; small-scale sculpture; code-based audiovisual; video; archival digital and woodcut print techniques. Whilst artists respond in the historic Churchyard gardens using wood; steel & wire; site-specific installation; found objects; bamboo canes & plastic foil; tarpaulin; soil, water, clay, straw, sand, and cement; papier mache and paint, and much more.

For more information visit The London Group

St John’s Churchyard
73 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8TY
Sun 3 July – Thurs 30 July
Open: 9am – 10pm

Morley Gallery
61 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HT
Weds 20 July – Thurs 28 July
Open: Mon – Fri 12 – 5pm and Sat 1pm-5pm

Catch Your Breath

London Group Artists exhibiting in Morley Gallery:

Wendy Anderson, Victoria Arney, Stephen Carley, Peter Clossick, Sandra Crisp, Beverley Duckworth, Angela Eames, Eric Fong, Marenka Gabeler, Julie Held, Gillian Ingham, Jockel Liess, Amanda Loomes, Hannah Luxton, Ian Parker, Sumi Perera, Steve Pettengell, Michael Phillipson, Alexander Ramsay, David Redfern, Tom Scase, Philippa Tunstill, Joshua Uvieghara, Bill Watson, Neil Weerdmeester, David Wiseman, Carol Wyss

London Group and Invited Artists exhibiting in Churchyard:

Barbara Beyer, Slavomir Blatton, Paul Bonomini, Clive Burton, Martin Darbyshire, Mark Dickens, Jane Eyton, Rebecca Feiner, Mandee Gage, Alexandra Harley, Chris Horner, Vera Jefferson, Anne Leigniel, Chris Marshall, James Roseveare, Tommy Seaward, Christopher Simpson, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Paul Tecklenberg, Sheila Vollmer, Angela Wright, Natalia Zagorska-Thomas

Selected to exhibit two photos of my patter study series at:


A Photo, Video and Visual international group exhibition.

For more information visit LoosenArt

16th June – 14th July 2022
Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Via N. Odero, 13 Rome, Italy

The Ephemeral and the Evanescence Perception

Exhibiting Artists:

16 – 24 June
Ayanta Noviello, Caroline Cramer, Charles Birnbaum, Giovanna Wilson Morello, Joanna Madloch, Kelly O'Leary, Lucas DeClavasio, Maris Prieditis, Marko Milić, Natalia Kondratenko, Oana Daian, Paulo Monteiro, Shulan Wang, Sonia Melnikova-Raich, Thomas Pickarski

27 June – 5 July
Çağrı Ertem, Dimitris Theocharis, Fern L. Nesson, Frank Lahera O´Callaghan, Holly Bryan, Iris Friedrich, Jacob Mather (J CUB), Jennifer Maiotti, Jo Scheder, Jockel Liess, John Kosmer, Kanat Akar, Leanne Trivett, Lena Makuła, Maya Kachra, Nikolay Vlahov, Roshni Baker, Susan Richman, Svetlana Astakhova

6 – 14 July
Amy Davis, Barbara L. Brundage, Brian Alexander, Darnia Hobson, Douglas Seigars, Hagen Klennert, James Bryan, Kelly Aug, Lingxue Hao, Malgorzata Zurada, Marc Sirinsky, Marcellus, Nathalie Basoski, Nathan Allen Wilkinson, Polina Schneider, Vicky Markolefa, Wioletta Golebiewska

The London Group presents:

In Plain Sight: The London Group & Thelma Hulbert and her London Group Friends

An exhibition of major new works from The London Group and key works from the THG collection and private loans.

For more information visit Thelma Hubert Gallery

27 August to 30 October 2021
Thursday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Curated by Tim Craven and Judith Jones (and Deborah Smith)

Thelma Hulbert Gallery
Elmfield House
Dowell Street
Devon EX14 1LX

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight:The London Group - working in a range of mediums including: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and film, each London Group artist will hide some element within the work to be discovered by the viewer. The diversity of approach of London Group members, one of its strengths, will ensure an exciting array of responses.

Thelma Hulbert and her London Group friends - Thelma Hulbert exhibited with The London Group in 1938. As her first professional exhibition, this was an important milestone in her career. With key works from the THG collection and loans from a private collection of works by pivotal London Group members: Claude Rogers, William Coldstream and Victor Pasmore, the exhibition explores Thelma's creative friendships, artistic legacy and place within the history of British art.

The London Group members involved:
Moich Abrahams, Wendy Anderson, Victoria Arney, Bryan Benge, Paul Bonomini, Clive Burton, Peter Clossick, Tim Craven, Sandra Crisp, John Crossley, Philip Crozier, Mark Dickens, Beverley Duckworth, Mark Dunford, Angela Eames, Eric Fong, Cadi Froehlich, Susan Haire, Alexandra Harley, Julie Held, Martin Heron, Alexander Hinks, Chris Horner, Gillian Ingham, Sam Jarman, Annie Johns, Judith Jones, Jockel Liess, Amanda Loomes, Jeff Lowe, Bethany Marett, Charlotte C Mortensson, Darren Nisbett, Janet Patterson, Michael Phillipson, Christopher Poulton, Victoria Rance, David Redfern, Suzan Swale, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Paul Tecklenberg, Philippa Tunstill, Bill Watson, Neil Weerdmeester, Erika Winstone, David Wiseman, Carol Wyss.

The London Group presents:


A multimedia experiment and immersive installation by 42 members of The London Group combining sculpture, moving image and sound.

For more information visit

19 -27 June 2021
open daily 2-6pm | Sat and Sun, 12 midday-6pm
Free Admission

St John's Crypt
St John’s Waterloo
Waterloo Road
London SE1 8TY


The collaborative exhibition In the Dark III BEING THERE is a multi-sensory experiment by The London Group. The multimedia installation in the historic crypt of St John's Waterloo combines and fuses the diverse physical objects and digital visual/audio contributions by The London Group members into one overarching immersive work of art. A kaleidoscopic experience that not only intertwines the physical with the virtual, but also transcends the boundaries of the individual's artistic practice. It is the artistic equivalent of an eclectic superorganism.

The London Group members involved:
Wendy Anderson, Victoria Bartlett, Slawomir Blatton, Clive Burton, Paul Bonomini, Stephen Carley, Peter Clossick, Sandra Crisp, Beverley Duckworth, Angela Eames, James Faure Walker, Eric Fong, Cadi Froehlich, Genetic Moo, Alexandra Harley, Alexander Hinks, Chris Horner, Susan Haire, Julie Held, Martin Heron, Gill Ingham, Sam Jarman, Judith Jones, Jockel Liess, Amanda Loomes, Bethany Marett, Charlotte C Mortensson, Micheál O'Connell / MOCKSIM, Darren Nisbett, Janet Patterson, Michael Phillipson, Ian Parker, Sumi Perera, David Redfern, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, Paul Tecklenberg, Almuth Tebbenhoff, David Theobald, Carol Wyss, Neil Weerdmeester, Erika Winstone, David Wisemand

The exhibition is dedicated to Susan Haire PLG and Frank Hinks for their generosity in hosting The London Group exhibitions in The Cello Factory, Waterloo over many years.

Invited to exhibit:

In the Dark 2020 : Even Darker

A group show with London Group members and friends including the Computer Arts Society and Flux Events..

For more information visit

9 -11 January 2020
2-6pm daily
Free Admission
Private View: Wednesday 8 January 6-8.30pm

The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road
London SE1 8TJ


Inspired by the popularity of last year’s exhibition, The London Group are hosting an Even Darker sequel combining members’ work with artists from Flux Events and the Computer Arts Society (CAS). This will be a four day experimental show in a blacked out Cello Factory with talks and performance curated by The London Group. As before, the one stipulation is that the artworks either generate their own light or can be projected onto. This simple rule means all the works interlink and the whole group exhibition becomes a foreboding installation filling all surfaces of this unique space.


Artists involved

The London Group:
Moich Abrahams, Stephen Carley, Peter Clossick, Sandra Crisp, Angela Eames, Eric Fong, Cadi Froehlich, Genetic Moo, Susan Haire, Aude Herail Jager, Judith Jones, Jockel Liess, Amanda Loomes, Mocksim, Darren Nisbett, Sumi Perera, Victoria Rance, David Redfern, Tommy Seaward, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Paul Tecklenberg, David Theobald, Tisna Westerhof, Erika Winstone, Carol Wyssld

Chirag Jindal – Winner of 2019 Schauerman Digital Art Prize

Computer Arts Society:
Paul Brown, Dan Brown, Sean Clark, Ernest Edmonds, Andy Lomas

FLUX Events:
Maria Almena, Oliver Gingrich, Aphra Shemza

Tickbird and Rhino presents:


with Jockel Liess
audio-visual artist
Dr Zisis Kozlakidis
head of laboratory & biobanking
IARC / World Health Organization

Wednesday 23rd October 2019
6.30pm - 9.30pm
book you ticket here

The Horse Hospital
The Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1JD


Join us to hear the aural interpretations of an evolving virus and discuss the process of transforming epidemics into sound.

On Wednesday evening, October 23rd we're bringing you the first results in EPHEMERAL TRANSFORMATIONS, the ongoing collaboration between the artist JOCKEL LIESS and virologist DR ZISIS KOZLAKIDIS.

Join us once again in the evocative surroundings of Bloomsbury's Horse Hospital for the premiere of Jockel's interpretation of the H1N1 Flu virus and then join the conversation exploring how he transformed its genetic data into sound.

Jockel & Zisis will also talk about the progress of their work over the last 18 months and answer questions about where this project might lead them in the future.



Resterecords is celebrating their new release, a collaboration between Ain Bailey & Jockel Liess. Ain Bailey will be performing her piece 'Five Car Train to Freemont' which responds to Jockel Liess’ work 'irregular atmospheric motion'. 

6th August 2019, 7.30pm
£8 Doors / £6 Advance / Free for Members
Book tickets here

Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin St
London, E8 3DL


Selected to screen a 10 min recording of 'irregular atmospheric motion’ at:

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2019 - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Espacio Enter Canarias 2015

2nd to 7th April of 2019

Category: Artists International Call2019
Tag: generative art

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 S/C de Tenerife.

Invited to perform at:


Ain Bailey and Jockel Leiss

18th January 2019
in the Theatre at 7.30pm
tickets: £5 full / £4 concessions
book tickets here

Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall
London SW1Y 5AH

Sound artist and DJ Ain Bailey premieres a new work alongside artist and composer Jockel Liess.
For their collaboration, Liess has invited Bailey to respond to a new composition for a joint release on Resterecords in 2019.


This performance represents the culmination of Ain Bailey's new live commission Congregation, a series of live events produced by the ICA, and is preceded by Congregation: Club Night and Congregation: Sonic Round Table.
The Congregation series furthers Ain Bailey's ongoing research into how people use sound to create a sense of place. Central to this body of work is the idea of a 'sonic biography'; the personal constellation of sounds that form an individual identity. With this series, the artist is considering the ways in which communities are formed through the sharing of sounds.

Invited to exhibit:

In the Dark

A group show with London Group members and friends including the Computer Arts Society and Lumen Prize.

For more information visit

17 -19 January 2019
2-6pm daily
Free Admission
Private View: Thursday 17 January 6-8pm

The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road
London SE1 8TJ


Curated by Genetic Moo, this show combines the members' work with friends from the Computer Arts Society and Lumen Prize. The one stipulation for the artworks in the show is that they generate their own light (for example using projection) or can be illuminated by other works (ie projected onto). This simple rule alone has meant the works are interlinked in ways not seen before turning the whole group exhibition into an installation of sorts, filling all surfaces of the unique space including the ceiling. Collaborations and works spilling over onto other works are welcomed.

Full list of artists involved

The London Group:
Genetic Moo, Susan Haire, Suzan Swale, Tommy Seaward, Cadi Froehlich, Jockel Liess, Paul Tecklenberg, Clive Burton, Angela Eames, Almuth Tebbenhof, Bryan Benge, Stephen Carley, Sandra Crisp, Erika Winstone, Ian Parker, Amanda Loomes, Eric Fong, David Theobald
Computer Arts Society:
Nick Lambert, Paul Brown, Sean Clark, Ernest Edmonds, boredomresearch, Andy Lomas, Esther Rollinson.
Lumen Prize:
Ziwei Wu + Matteo Zamagni, Grayson Cooke, boredomresearch, Mike Pelletier, Francois-Xavier de Costerd, Universal Everything, Lukas Marxt.
Fay Burnett, Birgitta Hosea & Fanny Cox

Selected for:

London Group Open 2017 President's Prize

Povera – An exhibition by the joint recipients Micheál O'Connell/ MOCKSIM, Jockel Liess and Stephen Carley.

9 -15 November 2018
12-6pm daily
Free Admission
Private View: Thursday 8 November 6-9pm

The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road
London SE1 8TJ


Invited to perform at:

Cafe Oto, Sunday 22nd July



Selected to exhibit a wall based installation of 'ephemeral' at:

The London Group Open 2017, Part One

The London Group Open 2017

Part One: 8 - 17 November 2017
2pm - 6pm daily

The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road
London SE1 8TJ

My third single will be released with RESTERECORDS on the 4th of September 2017:

A 24 minute recording of ephemeral will be released through the label RESTERECORDS and it will be available on their Bandcamp page and on all major digital platforms from the 4th of September 2017.

ephemeral cover artwork

Selected to screen a 10 min recording of ‘ephemeral’ at:

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2017 - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Espacio Enter Canarias 2015

24th to 27th August of 2017

Category: Artists International Call2017
Tag: generative art

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 S/C de Tenerife.

Selected to screen a 10 min recording of ‘fluid variations’ at:

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2016 - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Espacio Enter Canarias 2015

12th to 18th December of 2016

Category: Artists International Call2016
Tag: generative art

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 S/C de Tenerife.

My second release with Resterecords on 5th of October 2016 opens with a 2 day installation of 'bordun chorus' at Cafe Oto Project Space:

5th and 6th November
11am to 8pm
Free entry

More details here.

Cafe Oto Project Space
1-7 Ashwin St,
London, E8 3DL

A 22 minute recording of bordun chorus, released by Resterecord, will be available on Bandcamp and on all major digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify) from the 5th of October 2016.

bordun chorus cover artwork

Invited to perform at:

Transfigured Night

A night of experimental electronic music featuring live electronics, live coding, audio-visual works, new instruments.

Saturday 10th September 7pm
Free entry, booking advised here

Participating Artists:
Ain Bailey, Alo Allik & Andrea Young featuring Sharon Chohi Kim and Sara Sinclair Gomez, Christian Faubel, Harmergeddon, Jockel Liess, lil data, xname
The Mile End Art Pavilion - Clinton Road, London, E3 4QY, United Kingdom

Album Launch Party of Ulterior by Matschulat

Invited to perform at:

The Deptford Cinema for the Album Launch Party of Ulterior by Matschulat on Resterecords.

This event is a Fundraising evening to help save Deptford Cinema.
Tickets cost £4 (£2 conc. available for locals, students, unemployed and 60+).

Tuesday 28th June
Doors will open at 19h00.

20h00: Jockel Liess (live-generative audiovisual performance)
20h45: Matschulat (fixed media piece + live improvised electroacoustic music)
39 Deptford Broadway SE8 4PQ

Album Launch Party of Ulterior by Matschulat

My first single will be released on the 9th of May 2016:

An 18 minute recording of fluid variations will be released through the label resterecords and it will be available on its Bandcamp page and on all major digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify) from the 9th May 2016.

fluid variations cover artwork

Invited to perform an excerpt of 'harmonic environment' at:

Noizemaschin!! London - a monthly noise and experimental music concert at the Amersham Arms

388 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY London, United Kingdom

Entry: £5

Doors 19.30

noizemaschin!! London

SET 1: 8pm-9pm
Dirch Blewn, David Webb, Khaled Kaddel, Medial Ages, Tom Richards


SET 2: 9:45-10:30pm
Jockel Liess, Michael Zbyszyński, Illi Adato

Selected to screen a 10 min recording of ‘temporality’ at:

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2015 - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Espacio Enter Canarias 2015

4th to 13th December of 2015

Category: Artists International Call2015
Tag: generative art

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 S/C de Tenerife.

Invited to take part in the Channel Normal Pavilion: at the 2015 The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale

Curated by Channel Normal
Designed by Lawrence Lek

The pavilion will be hosted online at from November 1st, 2015 to January 31st 2016

For the digital exhibition, the pavilion will be streamed online, with visitors of the 3D Pavilion able to navigate the simulated acoustic space triggering different works by the ten artists.

The digital pavilion itself will be designed by video artist/digital architect Lawrence Lek using 3d video game software, based on the atmosphere and the sonic signature of the artists’ tracks.

Depending on the visitors movements, the virtual pavilion will visually respond to the acoustic environment resulting in a real-time audiovisual composition.

2015 The Wrong

Invited to take part in the Surface Arts exhibition:

Surface Arts at SLUICE_2015 Art Fair

Curated by Katie Jade Hawker

5th Floor, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London

Private View: 15 October 2015, 5 - 8.30pm
Art Fair: 16 October - 18 October
Opening Times: 11.00am - 6.00pm
Admission: Free

Surface Arts at SLUICE_2015


Invited to take part in the exhibition:

'ACROSS THE OCEAN' A Contemporary Art Exhibition by the Beach

Further details at: TAIL (Thai Art Initiative in London)

Opening day:  July 11th, 11 am to 9pm
Exhibition Dates:  11th to 17th July, 11 am to 5 pm daily

Bournemouth Pier,
Bournemouth, Dorset
United Kingdom 

Across the Ocean


Featured artists:

Puangsoi Aksornsawang | Felipe Castelblanco | Ittirawee Chotirawee| Tintin Cooper | Dusadee Huntrakul | Ralph Kiggell | Kanittah & Nitipak | Jockel Liess | Vichaya (Win) Mukdamanee | Miti Ruangkritya | Pannaporn Saichaemjan | Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn | Prateep Suthathongthai | Prachayaporn Vorananta | Tom Potisit

 Curated by:

Sirasar Boonma, Kittima Chareeprasit, Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani and Vipash Purichanont

Invited to take part in the exhibition:

'Distance, Between the Journeys' - TADU-Thaiyarnyon Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

Distance, Between the Journeys

Selected to screen a 10 min recording of ‘green meadow’ at:

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2014 - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Espacio Enter Canarias 2013

5th to 7th December of 2014

Category: Artists International Call2014
Tag: softwareart

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 S/C de Tenerife.

Interview published with Stigmart VideoFocus Autumn 2014:


videofocus cover

Invited to take part in the project:

'Microworld : Kinetica' @ Kinetica Artfair, curated by Genetic Moo

Come along and get involved in an experimental digital ecosystem.

16th – 19th October 2014

Kinetica Artfair
Old Truman Brewery

Microworld : Kinetica

Invited to take part in the exhibition:

'Microworld Cardiff 2' @ ArcadeCardiff, curated by Genetic Moo

Come along and get involved in an experimental digital ecosystem.

26th to 31st of May, Open Daily 12-6PM ADMISSION FREE
Private View Friday the 24th of May 6.00 - 8.00pm

Facebook event page for more information on the show and artists.

Queens Arcade
Cardiff, CF10 2BY

Microworld Cardiff 2

Another chance to enter a digital ecosystem of interacting artworks at ArcadeCardiff.

This year's show will include work by Genetic Moo, Sean Olsen, Myles Leadbetter, Jockel Liess, Sean Clark, Banfield&Rees, Gudrun Sigridur Haraldsdottir, Radio Arts and Julia Schauerman

Channel Normal has invited me to live stream ‘primordial’ for its launch on the 6th of March:

6th to 19th March

Channel Normal is an online exhibition space that predominantly focuses on presenting digital time-based works and / or web-based works.
For more info:

channel normal

Selected to screen a 10 min recording of ‘primordial’ at:

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2013 - International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture

Espacio Enter Canarias 2013

29th november to 1st december of 2013

Category: Artists International Call EEC013
Tag: generativeart

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 S/C de Tenerife.

Invited to take part in the exhibition:

'Microworld : Margate' @ Marine Studios, curated by Genetic Moo

Friday 1st Nov: 6pm-9pm
Saturday 2nd Nov & Sunday 3rd: 12-4pm

Marine Studios
17 Albert Terrace
Margate, CT9 1UJ

Microworld Margate by Genetic Moo

Experience a digital ecosystem which fills the Marine Studios with many living artworks. Engage with a futuristic immersive sound and light show. Trigger cascades of activity around the room as pieces react to your presence.

Microworld Margate includes art works by Genetic Moo, Magz Hall & Jim Backhouse, Julia Schauerman, Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Ron Hagel, Leona Jones & others.

Invited to perform 'Dust Music' and 'multitudinous entity' as part of:

Dear Serge at the De La Warr Pavilion

9th November 3-10pm

Bexhill on Sea
East Sussex TN40 1DP

Dear Serge at De La Warr Pavilion

Dear Serge is a FREE bi-monthly Saturday event at the De La Warr Pavilion showcasing the best in cutting-edge live music, performance and art. A real treat this month as Dear Serge also coincides with the opening of the new exhibitions by Alison Turnbull and Matt Calderwood.

Invited to participate in the artist in residency program and exhibition:

3RD SPACE - the latest project from Surface Arts in Partnership with Traidhos Three Generation for Learning and H Gallery.

Residency at PTIS - 7th October to 4th November 2013
Exhibition at H GALLERY Chiang Mai - 4th November to 31st December 2013

3rd Space

3RD SPACE is an international exhibition resulting from an artist in residency program at Traidhos PTIS School. The artists hail from Sweden, Germany, Peru, Thailand and the UK. The artists will be involved in a variety of socially-engaged activities throughout their time in Chiang Mai.

Artists: Ittirawee Chotirawee, Emma Hammarén, Taryn Takahashi, Jockel Liess, Chris Czainski, Paul Czainski

Invited to take part in the exhibition:

'Microworld : Arcadia' @ Arcadecardiff, curated by Genetic Moo

Come and play in a digital wonderland

Microworld Arcadia is a ‘living’ art space which grows, transforms and evolves in response to user activity. It heralds a new playful art experience which rewards active engagement. For two weeks, you will be able to immerse yourself in the emergence of a microworld.

21st May to 2nd June, Open Daily (except Mondays) ADMISSION FREE
Private View Friday the 24th of May 6.00 - 8.00pm

Arcadecardiff - Unit 17
Queens Arcade
Cardiff, CF10 2BY

silence and noise

Throughout the show there will be special live events and workshops. The opening night, Friday 24th, will include performance. On Saturday 25th there will be artist talks which will be hosted by Cardiff Dorkbot and the Computer Arts Society. On Sunday 26th there will be a chance to take part in live demonstrations run by the artists where they show you how their projects were constructed. In the second week there will be workshops to learn basic interactive programming and build simple interactive robots. For details visite here.

Microworld will include projects by:
Genetic Moo,Tine Bech, Sean Clark, Jockel Liess, Paul Granjon, Julia Schauerman, Jane Webb, Sean Olsen, Stefan Samociuk, Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos

Invited to perform my improvising computer systems as part of:

'Audio/Visual night for eyes and ears coordinated by Basilar records '
Fusing DJs, Producers, VJs, Visual and Sound Artists to perform live and unique Audio/Visual performances.

"Basilar presents…" defines and captures the ever evolving path of forward thinking Audio/Visual performance, through the use of low-fidelity to cutting edge technology. Live Audio/Visual integration within one environment.

21st Feb - 8pm/2am,
Basilar presents...
@ Babble Jar,
176 Stoke Newington High St - N16 7JL
Admission: Free

silence and noise

Invited to perform one of my improvising computer systems as part of:

'Silence and Noise'
an evening of experimental music by
Ain Bailey, Jockel Liess, Harmergeddon, Luca Nasciuti, flies+flies

26th of November 8pm till late
Power Lunches
466 Kingsland Rd
London E8 4AE

silence and noise

Ain Bailey
‘Ode to no.6’
Live performance of an electroacoustic engagement with the composer’s living environment, through the use of un/processed electromagnetic recordings of domestic appliances and devices. The composition is an attempt to capture the ‘unheard’ environment in which we exist.

Jockel Liess
‘Which Is Without Being’
Non-durational generative sound environment, with no clear beginning, end point or progression. The work exists as a state, driven by repeated renewal of itself, within the boundaries of a confined conceptual terrain. Change and musical development inside the work’s trajectory are thereby indeterminate, and dependent on the interaction of individual independent agents within the construct. Resembling a closed system, once set in motion, it relies only on stimulus contained and transmitted within the system. The rhythms, textures, patterns and timbres of its fluid auditory motion are emergent, resulting from self-organisation within the system, rather than predetermined conception. Constructed in its entirety from one 75 millisecond sound sample, initially inspired by the drop of a needle, the sound quality throughout the piece revert to this carefully constructed original sample, which within its acoustic parameters bears the seeds to all inherent audible properties. With the fundamental notions of natural fluidity and a sense of layered fragmentation, 'Which Is Without Being' aspires to awaken within the listener a state of meditative alertness.

‘Put On Your Tinfoil Hats’
Improvisation using electro-magnetic pickups to sonify cultural detritus for transformation and reiteration with live electronics.
Using CRT TV sets, VCRs, mobile phones and other consumer electronic devices Harmergeddon immerse you in nuanced harmonic textures and static landscapes highlighting themes of pollution, phobia and fetishisation.

Luca Nasciuti
Live laptop performance of new work from his latest release ‘Vanishing Point’
The composition represents a journey back to the composer’s hometown and evaluates the notion of home as a journey rather than a place.
‘If we have retained an element of dream in our memories, if we have gone beyond merely assembling exact recollections, bit by bit the house that was lost in the mists of time will appear from out the shadow. We do nothing to recognize it; with intimacy it recovers its entity, in the mellowness and imprecision of the inner life. It is as though something fluid had collected our memories and we ourselves were dissolved in this fluid of the past’.
(Bachelard 1994 [1958]: 57)

Electronic musician and sound artist Jake Williams and vocalist and songwriter Griffis’ chance meeting triggered a process of developing Dan’s arresting solo work into a fuller arrangement. Combining his haunting vocals with Williams’ 808 beats and fed-back synth drones, they introduced the stark harmonies of Martin Kingston’s cello playing (which also provides a heavy bass level with sub-processing) and searing guitar textures from Yuvi Gerstein.
At ‘Silence and Noise’ they will be giving some new material it's first airing.

Invited to exhibit 2 separate pieces of mine as part of the exhibition and the audio visual programme, as well as a live performance of the project Dust Music that I have been involved in.

'SHO-ZYG’ - 21 September - 27 September 2012

Privat View: Thursday 20 September 2012 - 18:00-21:00

Electroacoustic - performance night on the 25th of September 19.00 – 21.30

"Dust Music is an audiovisual work by the artist Trevor Shearer in collaboration with musicians Robert Jack (electronics), Chris Heinrichs (violin), Luca Nasciuti (cello) and Donal Sweeney (double bass) with special assistance from Jockel Liess (video score realization)."

St. James’s Hatcham Church
New Cross

A week long exhibition and event series showcasing the work of over fifty artists and researchers working with sound at Goldsmiths.

Open daily, this sound showcase explores a number of landscapes for sonic exploration. Works on display will explore electroacoustics, acoustic ecology, visual music, algorithmic music, psychoacoustics, utterance and soundscape, with dedicated rooms for audiovisual works, 8-channel soundscape compositions, films and sound installations.

The church will also host three additional exhibition areas, exploring the archives of Daphne Oram, co-founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the works of Hugh Davies, pioneering musician and founder of Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios, and the current working practice of poet, visual artist and performer Lawrence Upton.



Friday 21/09/2012 - 10:00-16:00
Saturday 22/09/2012 - 10:00-16:00
Sunday 23/09/2012 - 10:00-14:00
Monday 24/09/2012 - closed
Tuesday 25/09/2012 - 10:00-17:00
Wednesday 26/09/2012 - 10:00-17:00
Thursday 27/09/2012 - 10:00-17:00

Please see for further details.

Supported by Goldsmiths Sound Practice Research.


Invited to take part in the exhibition:

'Sonic CueB’ - 4 June - 7 June 2012
with a
Performance night of live electronic music - Wednesday 6th of June form 8pm

At CueB Gallery

CueB Gallery
325 Brockley Road
London  SE4 2QZ

Sonic Cueb


Invited to take part in the exhibition:

‘Absinthe and Presents’ - 8 July - 20 August 2011

At The Brewhouse Gallery
Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Coal Orchard Taunton Somerset TA1 1J

Absinthe and Presents

Absinthe and Presents


Five international artists, chosen for their wide range of artistic media, aim to represent objects and materials in new ways that give immediate visceral visual pleasure. By making a collision of the precious and the everyday, the artworks balance a duality of image and concept. This exhibition aims to be on the cusp of delight and disgust. The title and theme for this exhibition, Absinthe And Presents, is derived from the Freudian dialectic of Absence And Presence and is used as a metaphor that places an emphasis on excess. In the words of poet Edward Dowson "madder music and stronger wine".

Featured artists:

Ittirawee Chotirawee, Emma Hammarén, Francis Ives, Jockel Liess and Taryn Takahashi

Invited to take part in the exhibition::
‘You are not in control’ - A Submit2gravity exhibition at Netil House

Netil House
1 Westgate Street
London E8 3RL

Opening night: 23 June 2011
Opening time: 6pm-11pm
Free Entry

Exhibition runs: 24 June – 7 July 2011
Opening times: 11am-6pm
£3 Admission Fee
Free entry for children under 12yrs

Tickets can be purchased at the door or advanced tickets booked via the website (subject to
booking fee).

You are not in control


‘You are not in control’ is the new exhibition curated by Rita Parente and Submit2gravity, within
which our cultural perceptions are challenged through a selection of multidisciplinary artworks.
The organic, aesthetic reference of the ‘real’ becomes manufactured and transformed by images
and digital media. As with all of Submit2gravitys’ shows, we aim to engage the viewer as a
participant where the artist seeks to make some sense of the world in which we exist. Throughout
the exhibition the viewer can observe, play and participate becoming directly involved in the
exhibition to experience Art in this interactive, multisensory show.

Throughout the show images, installations and illusions that we observe tap into our
consciousness of the familiar, culturally perverse pretence of our existence, and seemingly build
on our experience through this perception of the real.

Submit2gravity will present ‘You are not in control’ in the gallery located on the ground floor of
Netil House. Traditional art forms will sit alongside modern innovation in an extraordinary
exhibition showcasing the talents of emerging and established artists from the UK and overseas.
Playful and engaging on so many levels ‘You are not in control’ encompasses art and innovation
integrated under one umbrella. Featuring interactive animation, live audio and visual installation
responsive to the environment, to paintings created from soundscape’s, drawings, and

‘You are not in control’ is an exhibition that is accessible and is aimed to reach out to a wider
community to all people interested in the Visual Arts.

Featured artists:

Genetic Moo, Jockel Liess, Shona Davies David Monaghan & Jon Klein, Marianne Walker, Garry Martin, Hung Jung-Ouk, Michael Tierney, Timothy B Layden, Bernardo Bento, David Theobald, Christian Kerrigan

Invited to take part in the event:
Curiouser and curiouser - Sat 20 November (6pm -11pm) & Sun 21 November (11am-4pm)
Tickets £ 7

Organised by Submit2gravity.

The Old Vic Tunnels, Station Approach
London SE1 7NN

curiouser and curiouser

Submit2gravity are proud to be the organisers of one in a series of innovative and surprising arts events taking place throughout 2010 at the Old Vic Tunnels. The Curiouser and curiouser event coordinated and set up by Submit2gravity has evolved from an open submission call out that led to some exciting and unusual proposals received from across the globe.

This event will bring together an extraordinary, innovative and diverse range of art forms with dramatic and surprising results. Kinetic sculptures, interactive installation, visual and sound pieces and theatre groups will all interact within this unique setting to create a strange wonderland of curiosities.

The Old Vic Tunnels act like a tardis as they  open out into a labyrinth of unexpected tunnels, corridors and huge vaults, that will entice you further and further into a surreal and dreamlike world that becomes curiouser and curiouser...

Featured artists

 Cheryl Field, Balint Bolygo, David Theobald, Darren Harvey Regan, Shona Davies & David Monaghan, Cristina Marignoli, Genetic Moo, Jockel Liess, Christian Kerrigan, Marianne Walker, Kaz, Rosie Leventon, Dan Knight, Guglielmo Alfarone, Stathis Dimitriadis, Michele Drascek, Helena Ohman Mc Cardle, Heena Kim, Gordon Flemons, Kelly Jackson, John Routledge, Issac Cordal, Rodrigo Pires, Giancarlo, Jennifer Ross, Jonathan Wright, Lesley Bunch, Barbara Fuch, Thomas Brandt and Alba Zapater, Natasha L Swingler

Theatre companies

 Filskit Theatre
Show performance:
Saturday 20 November 6pm - 11pm
Sunday 21 November 11am - 1pm

Dreckly Productions
Show performance:
Saturday 20 November (tbc)
Sunday 21 November (tbc)


Invited to take part in the exhibition:
Nexus - July 16 – September 1
in the Phoenix Gallery
Exeter, UK


Sally Barker, Adam Bone, Katie Etheridge, Gabrielle Hoad, Francis Ives, Pria Kundi, George Lazenbleep, Jockel Liess, Volkhardt Muller, Alexander Schikowski, Felicity Shillingford, Rupert White.

Nexus highlights the way that artists operate within broad networks, often starting with their geographic location but also functioning through their personal and professional relationships, creative practices and intersections with other networks and organisations.

Four Exeter-based contemporary artists invited artists from their own personal creative networks to exhibit alongside them in this group show. Bypassing the usual curatorial process, Nexus has evolved through a process of negotiation and cross-fertilisation, as well as creative serendipity and friction. New and unexpected relationships and outcomes are thrown up, which both centre on and reach out from the artists' own city.

Bringing into play the idea of the garden as a symbolic format for the presentation of these otherwise unrelated works, the four original artists (Gabrielle Hoad, Francis Ives, Volkhardt Muller & Felicity Shillingford) not only highlight ideas of growth, cultivation and cross-pollination, but more broadly of cultural landscape and a sense of geographical place.