'variations on a theme' variations on a theme
'pattern study' pattern study
'irreality' irreality
'irregular atmospheric motion' irregular atmospheric motion
'ephemeral' fluid variations
'bordun chorus' bordun chorus
'fluid variations' fluid variations
'harmonic environment' harmonic environment
'temporality' temporality
'green meadow' green meadow
'multitudinous entity' multitudinous entity
'which is
without being'
which is without being
'primordial' primordial
'clouds rising
from the mist
of time'
clouds rising from the mist of time
'iridescent self' iridescent self
'shifting view' shifting view
'toxic waste' toxic waste
'burning butterflies' burning butterflies
'lament' lament
'exercise in visual notation' exercise in visual notation
'screen test #2' screen test #2
'nothing' nothing
'silent cry' silent cry
'suppressed anger'   suppressed angerger
'out of reach'   out of reach


7.00 min loop
quadraphonic sound and video installation


‘nothing’, like most of my work, derives from a multitude of ideas and influences present in my live during the time of its creation, as well as my longstanding obsessions and interests. It directly follows a succession of works, fuelled in its creation by political believes and
frustrations, ‘suppressed anger’ and ‘silent cry’. ‘nothing’, as seen in this series, is an attempt to disregard worldly issues, and instead portray a stronger focus on aesthetical questions. In doing this and seen in its context, its main focus becomes the creation of nothing.

Another subject matter present in this work derives from living in a house with a permanently dripping tap. This annoyance, arouse again my childhood fascination with Chinese water torture*. The idea of something very small and harmless transforming through endless repetition into the source of intense pain and agony, struck me as profoundly minimal. Without ever trying the real thing, imagining the effect of this process, gives another foundation to this work. What dose it feel like? Would you be able to disconnect your mind from your body? What would the intervals between the drops be filled with? Could you arrive at a state of nothing?

*a method of torture in which water is slowly dripped onto a person's forehead, driving the victim insane.
note: there is no evidence that this torture has ever been practised in china

‘nothing’ private view photo form Electric Blue

photograph by Mark Martin


Installed at ‘Electric Blue’, 2008 (plinth 60 cm height, projection surface ø 110 cm) Bargehouse, South Bank, London, UK

‘nothing’ installation photo form Electric Blue