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Music by Matschulat
Visualisation by Jockel Liess


'Dust Music' by
Trevor Shearer
Dust Music by Trevor Shearer

in collaboration with Robert Jack, Chris Heinrichs, Luca Nasciuti, Donal Sweeney and Jockel Liess


a film by Rastko Novakovic
in collaboration with Jockel Liess

Digital video
45 minutes



'an attempt to make
a sculptural notation
for a structural composition'

Collaboration with Emma Hammarén
installation at France Fiction Gallery   an attempt to make a sculptural notation for a structural composition (2007)
installation at
M + R Gallery
  an attempt to make a sculptural notation for a structural composition (2006)

an attempt to make
a sculptural notation
for a structural

Collaboration with Emma Hammarén

installation photo

Installed at France Fiction Gallery, Paris, France
installation and sound


This ongoing collaboration between installation artist Emma Hammarén and sound artist Jockel Liess combines objects with sound, and explores methods of experimental composition, with reference to graphic notation and its free interpretation by the musician or artist.
The sound source in the work exhibited at France Fiction Gallery is Emma Hammarén’s voice, singing the vowels A E I O U. The following are Emma’s associations to each of the letters:

A: The numbers four and eight. The colour red. Anger. An image of an angry child in a red cord jacket.

E: The colours beige and yellow and the numbers three and nine. Wood and cardboard, beige velvet on an old sofa.

I: The colour white and the number one. Snow and ice and cold. A sharp sound. A bright light. Biting into an ice cube.

O: The colours black and blue and the number eight. Life under the sea, tropical fish, bubbles in water.

U: The number nine and the colour brown. Something ugly or negative, hard to like.

The sound of Emma’s voice is pitched into 19 notes, a tonal scale specifically created by Jockel Liess, and the associated numbers are used to determine which letter can be played in which note.

drawing of tonal scale

The options range from 2 notes for the letter ‘I’ to 10 notes for the letter ‘U’. Emma constructs a series of sculptures based on her initial associations to the letters, and Jockel interprets these objects as notations, using the listed colours, materials and textures associated with each letter to determine how each object will sound. Some of the objects are ambiguous and could correspond to more than one of the letters, and because of the variety of options within the tonal scale, there is always more than one possible reading.



notation for sculpture 1

sculpture 1

notation for sculpture 2

sculpture 2



notation for sculpture 3

sculpture 3

notation for sculpture 4

sculpture 4



notation for sculpture 5

sculpture 5

notation for sculpture 6

sculpture 6



notation for sculpture 7

sculpture 7